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Super Synthetic PTFE Grease, HF223

Long Lub-Tek Corporation has been dedicated to providing dependable, long-lasting Super Synthetic PTFE Grease for use throughout the Taiwan and worldwide. Our first responsibility is to completely satisfy the needs of the people and organizations that use and distribute our products, while providing best value solutions for their Super Synthetic PTFE Grease requirements.
Super Synthetic PTFE Grease


Super Synthetic PTFE Grease

This grease is made by the synthetic base oil, special non-soap base thickening agent, extreme pressure, anti-rust, anti-oxidation additives and PTFE. It is high temperature resistance and non-dropping point grease. The characteristics such as anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and abrasion resistance can provide a better performance to a variety of precision instruments or hi-tech equipments. The following are the main conditions of lubrication use. High-speed, high-temperature, low-temperature and high vibration needed occasions of bearing, joint or gear.
Specification :

NLGI Grade




Dropping Point ℃


Flash Point ℃


Base oil type

Synthetic Oil

Working Temperature ℃

-35 ~ 200

Soap Base

Non soap




Cream Yellow

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As one of the most reliable supplier in Taiwan, we supply Super Synthetic PTFE Grease with the finest quality. After knowing the above information, if you want to know more, please come us. We will provide the information you need and offer high quality Super Synthetic PTFE Grease to you at best price.