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We are expert in “Lubrication Technology”

We imported hundreds kinds of synthetic base oil and additives from USA, Germany, UK, Japan, Italy, France, Netherland, ..etc.
Our technical information comes from international famous additive company such as : Lubrizol, BASF, Du Pont, Uniquema, Dow Chemical, Rheox, Akzo Nobel, Rohms, Elco, Ciba, R.T. Vanderbilt, Ethyl, Additiv Chemie, Hornett Brothers, Oleon, Oxy-wax, Evonik, Alox, King..etc. and have good cooperation relationship with each other.

We have extraordinary good research and develop power, and also quality assurance system.
We can custom-made products for any lubrication requirement from any customer.
To solve your lubrication problem and fulfill your requirements is our honor and pleasure.

Our products are including for at least over 300 items of products and are divided into 15 categories:
1. Synthetic Greases
2. Greases for Industrial and Automotive application.
3. Grease and paste for specialized applications.
4. General purpose Hi-temp greases
5. Metal working fluids for cutting and grinding
6. Metal forming, forging, drawing working fluids
7. Rust preventives and corrosion inhibitors
8. Lubricating oil and mold release fluid for special applications
9. Lubricants for electrical applications
10. Lubricants for bicycle, Motorcycle and automobile application
11. Automotive auxiliaries
12. Fuel additives
13. Specialties for military application
14. Industrial cleaners
15. Lubricating oil for general industrial applications

Special Lubricants Manufacturer

Long Lub-Tek Corporation is a reliable manufacturer of Special Lubricants, specializing in Synthetic Grease and Lubricating Oil for many years.  As a leading manufacturer of Special Lubricants, we provide first-rate Hi-temp Greases, Metal Working Fluids and Rust Preventive Oil.  In addition, our main products also include Industrial Cleaners, Cable Pulling Lubricant, Synthetic Base Oil, Industrial Lubricants, Metal Forming Oil and Fuel Additives, all with superior quality and competitive price.  If you are looking for high quality Custom-Made Lubricants Manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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