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We are expert in "Lubrication Technology" . We have extraordinary good research and develop power, and also quality assurance system. We can custom-made products for any lubrication requirement from any customer. To solve your lubrication problem and fulfill your requirements is our honor and pleasure.

Kabeltrekkend smeermiddel

Over the years, Long Lub-Tek Corporation achieved continuous growth by closely observing the market in order to produce customer-oriented products. Our Cable Pulling Lubricant is made to the same rigorous quality standards that our commercial customers demand.
Cable Pulling Lubricant


Cable Pulling Lubricant

* Compatible with a wide range of cable jackets. Including Polyethylene Jacksts.
* Temperature stable. Does not liquify or get runny at high temperatures.
* Maximum Friction Reduction – For low cable pulling tension.
* High Cling Factor – Stays on cable jacket during application.
* Clean and Non-Staining – Minimizes clean-up time.
* Brand OEM
Specification :


Blue viscous gel

Spec. Gravity  @20℃


Viscosity 25℃cps.@3rpm

100,000 ~ 300,000


7.5 ~ 8.5

Working Temperature ℃

- 5 ~ 50

Percent Volatiles (Weight) %

< 95

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We can manufacture Cable Pulling Lubricant that meets specific technical requirements. If you are looking for BL298, Cable Pulling Lubricant, Special Lubricants, Brand OEM, Kabeltrekkend smeermiddel or Hi-Temp Hi-Performance Greases, Special Synthetic Lubrication Oil, Metal Working Fluids , you are in the right place. At Long Lub-Tek Corporation, you will find every kind of Cable Pulling Lubricant that you can think of, with something for all kind of business.