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Super Synthetic E. P. Grease, MA-2

Long Lub-Tek Corporation offers MA-2, Super Synthetic E. P. Grease, Grease with superior quality and reasonable price. Also, offers excellent Super Synthetic E. P. Grease, ensuring high quality and professional performance. Furthermore, we provide customized solutions to our clients based on their demands and assure delivery of all consignments within the promised time-frame.
Super Synthetic E. P. Grease


Super Synthetic E. P. Grease

This grease is made by the synthetic base oil, special non-soap base thickening agent, extreme pressure, anti-rust and anti-oxidation additives. It is high temperature resistance and non-dropping point grease. The characteristics such as anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and abrasion resistance can provide a better performance to a variety of precision instruments or hi-tech equipments. The following are the main conditions of lubrication use. High-speed, high-temperature, low-temperature and high vibration required occasions of bearing, joint or gear.
Specification :

NLGI Grade








Dropping Point ℃


Working Temperature ℃

-40 ~ 200

Soap Base

Non soap

Flash point ℃


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Long Lub-Tek Corporation is a well-established and highly respected Taiwan Super Synthetic E. P. Grease manufacturer with a global reputation for excellence in product design, quality, reliability and the highest levels of customer service. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about MA-2 Super Synthetic E. P. Grease. As a customer-oriented company, we are more than happy to provide detailed information for you.