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Super Synthetic PTFE Grease, PF616

Long Lub-Tek Corporation continually develops the innovative Super Synthetic PTFE Grease to meet the various market demands and bring multiple benefits to customers always. Our Super Synthetic PTFE Grease are highly demanded by our clients across the country for optimum quality. In order to ensure longer service life and reliability, our products are manufactured by our vendors using the best quality raw material and latest technology. Whether you need a Super Synthetic PTFE Grease, or Super Synthetic PTFE Grease, Grease, Long Lub-Tek Corporation manufactures cost-effective products.
Super Synthetic PTFE Grease


Super Synthetic PTFE Grease

This grease is made by the synthetic base oil, anti-rust, anti-oxidation additives and PTFE. It is high temperature resistance grease. The characteristics such as anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and abrasion resistance can provide a better performance to a variety of precision instruments or hi-tech equipments. The following are the main conditions of lubrication use. High-speed, high-temperature, low-temperature and high vibration needed occasions of bearing, joint or gear. In addition, it also can be used for the mould thimble or sliding block of plastic injection molding machine.
Specification :



Dropping Point ℃


Flash Point ℃


Base oil Pour Point ℃

- 45

Soap Base




Working Temp. ℃

- 40 ~ 250

Storage Temp.℃

- 5 ~ 50

Transition Temp. ℃

- 40

Degradation Temp. ℃


Shelf Life (non-open)

12 months

Shelf Life (open)

6 months

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Long Lub-Tek Corporation is the leading supplier of Super Synthetic PTFE Grease in Taiwan and the surrounding areas. We carry inventory all the time so you’re sure we’ll have your order ready whenever you need it. We can manufacture Super Synthetic PTFE Grease that meet specific technical requirements. Long Lub-Tek Corporation has tailored our customer service department, product designs, technical support as well as all other company departments to serve the ultimate goal of upholding the highest standards in customer satisfaction. We appreciate the opportunity to attract your attention and value your feedback.